Women’s Backlash on Women’s Backlash on Men

The frogs have spoken.

A letter generated in France signed off by numerous women, has come out in defense of men with regards to sexual man bashing.  #MeToo  The press has picked up on the most notable signature of Catherine Deneuve, who is probably the most gorgeous woman. . . ever, but ironically, a movie star.  No one cares to headline the fact that she didn’t participate in the writing of the letter.

Americans love tabloid junk and that is why Ms. Deneuve’s famous head is on the chopping block.  Us real smart USAers might know her from the movie called The Hunger costarring David Bowie.  Sex, romance. . . and vampires, another thing we love, and now American ladies are out for blood.

Let’s back up.

Ya gotta appreciate the French.  Their language is the sexiest on the planet.  They have great sex, education that is.  Watch Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next movie and appreciate how French kids are taught, in public school, the art of love.  This includes how to treat each other, reciprocation, and birth control options.

OMG. . . the horror!

America’s sex education has become so highly politicized that like everything else, institutions are hesitant to approach these topics due to legal liabilities.  The subject is avoided and falls on parents to educate their own children if and how they see fit.  Try to ignore that sex ed, and the way it is taught, is the one class that every single teenager would benefit from as mainstream America idiotically pushes for abstinence only.

This leads us to the current war of the words from French women who come from a more unified base of understanding sex and sexuality versus the haphazard platform of American women and their experiences and views.

The frog letter makes the case that male bashing has gotten way out of hand.  These ladies seem to understand how hypocritical America is.  I don’t dare say Americans are hypocrites because most of us ourselves can’t believe the overreaching political correctness going on here, which is an argument for the French point being made.

But, it could also be argued that the French, who can barely even win a civil war, don’t understand the society of American thieves and thugs who overtly and outrageously take advantage of women, and get away with it.  Just as men and women are different, so are the cultures of these two countries.

No matter, this is the new she-said, she-said.

Do American women feel backstabbed?  Do American men feel like moving to France?

Yes and yes.

I could say some harsher words for and against both sides, but as an American, I have been taught to abstain.  I will, however, make an exception.

If Catherine Deneuve would like to meet me in a hotel room, in America, to further discuss these issues, then I’m all in.

Wilfred Knight

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