Your Catholic Contribution Goes to Lawyers and Hush Money

We all know of the Catholic Church controversies.  They move priestly pedophiles around, and then lie to cover it up.

I recently watched The Keepers, a sick and twisted tale about 1960’s Baltimore Catholicism where a father was accused, multiple times of twisted deeds against young boys and girls.  It involved the police and even included the murder of a Nun.

In my honest opinion, it was a decent program, however I felt it could have been told in at least less than half the time.

Serious misgivings were afoot, and still are up to this day, regarding the conduct of the police department and the church with an astonishing loss of evidence and continued lies.

One could argue that some abuse here and there doesn’t mean you should give up on God.  I would argue, and parents should argue, that when pedophile protection overrides common decency, it is probably time to at least switch religious organizations.

There is irony in a couple of things.  Firstly, the higher ups don’t obey their own teachings, and secondly, the organization actually promotes people who should be nailed to the cross.

If you still stand behind the Catholic Church, and you would like to contribute directly to pedophilia in the form of lawyers and hush money, put your hard earned money on the collection plate.

That’s my two cents.

Wilfred Knight

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