Bill Cosby – Victim of Rapist Society

Oops, I got that wrong.  Bill Cosby and family members are declaring that he is the victim of a racist society.   Yes, unbelievably, they are playing the black card.

Mr. Cosby was in hot water just by the sheer number of women that came forward.  But he threw himself into the boiling pot when he answered, too quickly, the question of whether he gave women pills with the intent to have sex with them.  He said yes.

Deposition Excerpts

A good move on Mr. Cosby’s part (for him) is his recent announcement that he won’t testify.  So why can’t he and his family members shut up altogether?  It is insulting to everyone including women AND the black community.

Ironically, what got the ball rolling on the prosecution and media coverage wasn’t the dozens of women who were victims of Bill Cosby and the so called racist society who ignored their claims, but a comedian who spoke out against the rapist in one of his routines who happens to be (drum roll, please) a black man.  Does that make Hannibal Buress a racist against a black man?

This isn’t about black or white, this is a cock tale about improper conduct.  Illegal penetration.  Consent removed by quaaludes.

While one body part started the trouble, another body part continues.  Even after Cosby’s admission out of his own mouth that turned the tide of society against him, it seems he doesn’t fully understand what not testifying means.

Mr. Cosby, please put your black card back in your pocket and just shut up.

Wilfred Knight

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