Dads: Stop Dating Your Daughters!

The “Daddy-Daughter Date” disturbs me.

Yeah, it’s a great idea for fathers to spend time with their daughters. But, the word “date” should not exist between any Daddy and daughter.

It’s wrong.

You might think it sounds kind of cute, maybe because of the triple D alliteration. Try tasting “Mommy-Son Date” as it rolls off the tongue, and see if you still feel warm and cuddly, or creeped out.

Girls love Cinderella-type princess parties, replete with tiaras, fancy gowns, dinner, and dancing. Instead of Prince Charming, just add Daddy. That, my friends, is a gross bridge from pretend to reality.

Another questionable aspect is the heavy emphasis on chastity. Events are often called “Purity Balls,” which is another odd pairing of words. A young girl comes to understand that her father’s love and attention are conditioned upon her virginity. I’m not saying that young ladies shouldn’t remain virgins until marriage, but that choice should be theirs, and not a double-standard stipulation for relationships. This is a confusing message.

Victims of Daddy-Daughter dates are set-up for failure with regards to the two most important men in their lives.

A bride is expected to suddenly flip a switch and become comfortable in a physical relationship with her husband after her lifetime indoctrination against sex. And, this newly married lady will have to reconcile conflicting feelings as she redefines the relationship with her father as an impure woman. Talk about mental baggage.

Gee thanks, Dad.

It turns out you should have dated someone else.

Wilfred Knight

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