Mass Murder in Manchester, UK – Ariana Grande Concert

I am angry.  No one likes mass murder, especially when it comes to kids.

I like to see the best of people who have come out in this tragedy: police officers, hospital and ambulance workers, people offering free rides and free hotel rooms.

It isn’t clear whodunit yet.

Who wants to go out with a bang like this?  All it does is serve the opposite of the intent.  If you want to kill in the name of God, then people don’t like your God, don’t like you, and don’t like “your kind.”  It only continues the fear of your religion and persecution of anyone deemed to follow the same religion.

If you are some random angry young male, your story only comes across as some loser looking to make a statement because you weren’t able to get a grip on your hormones and emotions.

People who want to go down in history forget the flip side.  If done as some sort of organized purpose, well, you were used.  You fell right into the hands of those who exploited you and your weaknesses.  If done as a solo statement, any point you felt you were making will be lost as we come to learn you were just a freaky child murderer.

Be very careful of the statement you feel you are trying to make, because it won’t be perceived as such by the sane people of the world.

My heartfelt condolences go out to the friends and family of the deceased in Manchester.

Peace out.

Wilfred Knight

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