Sex, Politics, and Religion

The big three no-no’s, off limits, should not be discussed in the workplace.

Exceptions to this rule are in the classroom.  Professors teach courses about sex, politics, and religion, but some of these teachers don’t seem to understand the difference between venting and educating.

In a human sexuality class at Orange Coast College, a teacher expressed her opinions of the election.  She called Trump a white supremacist and stated, “Our nation is divided.  We have been assaulted.  It’s an act of terrorism. . . The people creating the assault are among us.”  Her rant was recorded by an offended student, Caleb O’Neill, who was suspended, forced to apologize, and was supposed to write a paper about why he took and shared the video, and the dangerous impact the video had.  Huh?

The professing professor now claims to be the victim of her own stump through no fault of her own.  She has chosen not to participate in media interviews.

In another popular video by Jesse Watters of Fox News, we see (of all people) a communications professor who rants and raves about the Trump victory.  Quotes include, “People are going to die because of what happened” and “People’s lives are on the line now, and it’s time we got real about that.”

When asked to comment on air, the professor, David Parry, had . . . you guessed it . . . no comment.

I’m a little confused by these professors.  Haven’t they seen footage of the rioting, looting, and physical assault done by the Anti-Trumpers?  Don’t they know we are in the digital age and that anything can end up on social media?  Most importantly, what happened to the confidence and gall these teachers had when given the opportunity to opine to a larger audience?  They became clams.

The fact that their collective balls shriveled up only shows they knew they had a captive audience.  At the price of tuition, this type of soapbox is expensive.  Keep it out of the classroom.  The students are not your minions.  If they want to check out other peoples’ political views, they can do that online for free.

That is my political opinion, and while it is on the house for your reading pleasure, I will gladly accept any and all financial donations.

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