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Prison Snitches and Bitches

Here’s a bright idea for turning the prison system around.  It’s beyond me how a person can become badly injured or killed with not much recourse while in the care, custody and control of the state or the feds.  It’s illegal.

Prisons are poorly run facilities where incredibly, the inmates are actually in control.  Everyone behaves as baboons in this high stress environment which affects inmates and employees.

The best at being the worst have the most control.  Ironically this choice group is outnumbered by the weak and the meek.  What to do? read more

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The 13th Amendment – Why We Need To Legalize Drugs

I was reading about drug wars on the Mexican American border and pondering about how to curb the problem.  Why wouldn’t a criminal from an impoverished nation want to bring drugs into the United States of America for a large profit?  For the same reason an underprivileged person sells drugs on the street.

Let’s say you are a young African American who lives in an impoverished neighborhood looking for a job.  If you are lucky enough to find and get a job, why wouldn’t you turn to illegal sales of drugs to earn that same paycheck in less than a day?  The constant presence of this temptation is not only unfair, but rather cruel. read more

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