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Used Underwear Market

Don’t ask me how we got on to this subject, or how the conversation turned into internet searches.  Just know it happened.

Me and a couple of buddies ended up on some websites offering used Japanese panties for sale.  It clearly stated that all panties have been stolen.  That makes it er, um, cough, legitimate.

The funniest part was you could search by profession.  You could find underwear from secretaries, librarians and even newlyweds from the wedding night.  It wasn’t clear whether the panties were stolen before or after consummation of the marriage. read more

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Sex, Toilets, and Vomit

That man is a sick and twisted gender is not new.  However, I am disturbed of late after watching some sex shows.  No, not porn, but shows about the recruiting of girls aged 18 and older, and the making of porn.  They are both legal.

I have learned some new words, including swirling, which involves shoving a young girl’s head into a toilet bowl and flushing it while doing the deed.  WTF!?

Do I really need to explain what the toilet is used for?  What in the heck are you people up to?

Another program I watched depicted women talking about being paid for fetish videos, including engaging in a very forceful oral act to the point of vomiting and then being made to lick said vomit.  How sexy. read more

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