Teen Troller Needs Your Money in the Name of God

Roy Moore, politician and creepy-ass cracker, has been accused of diddling with a teen girl when he was in his thirties.  Numerous other people have come forward to state that Moore was known for trolling teens at malls, as well as elsewhere.

Roy is now facing a lawsuit from one of his accusers.  He is embarrassed about the toll this has taken on his family.  Yes, it’s embarrassing to be you.

Perhaps Mr. Moore learned his poor pickup techniques in church because in an effort to distract, he is spouting off religious overtones against others he feels are bringing down our nation, specifically lesbians, gays and transgenders.

He stated, “The political Left is filled with men and women whose sole aim in life is to overthrow our God-ordained rights which are guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.”  How dare these people challenge the teen trolling rights of a grown-ass man.

Now Mr. Moore is trolling for legal defense money.  Oh, Jesus.

Will I send money to this accused pedophile in the name of God or otherwise?

Oh hell no, and I say #NoMoore.

Wilfred Knight

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