Trump’s Next Executive Order – The Bow Wow Ban

Rapper Snoop Dogg made a video that shows him shooting a toy gun at what appears to be Donald Trump dressed as a clown.

The Donald took offense and tweeted that if Snoop had done the same to Obama there would have been jail time.

As if Snoop Dogg couldn’t handle his own, another rapper, little Bow Wow, was chomping at the bit.  I’m sorry I have to pause for a chuckle.  I had a family member who, as a tot, had a stuffed doggie he called Bow Wow.  That makes it even more difficult to spit out this childish name for a grown man.

Anyhow, the Big, Bad, Bow Wow responded to the POTUS tweet by threatening to pimp out The First Lady of the United States of America, Melania Trump.

That’s some serious shit, dawg. 

I understand there is a braggart type of culture in the rap world, “singing” about bitches and hoes, and pimping.  A lot of us have a difficult time wrapping our brains around a descendant of people once enslaved talking about enslaving and degrading women for profit, including underage girls.  Pimps are the biggest scumbags on earth.

If that is what Bark Bark aspires to be, then that is on him.  Yes, the thug rapper with street cred named . . . Bow Wow!?

While Snoop’s actions in his video are questionable, the sheer stupidity of Yip Yip’s tweet makes one wonder if he dropped out of school in second grade.  What was he smoking?

It is unclear whether the tweet was deleted before or after Mr. Wow got a crash course in intelligence.

But, sure as shit, dawg, watch out.  The next executive order might be the Bow Wow Ban.

Enjoy your surveillance, fool.


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